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Our Approach

Our approach is client-centered. That’s why we follow our focus – One Site Marketing at a time. We look at each client individually, because each has a unique set of challenges, opportunities, threats, and strengths. Our organization constantly keeps this in mind when conducting evaluations and analyses. If we understand the psychology of your buyers, your clients or your visitors, along with your competition and the current economic terrain, our strategic formulation and forecast is much clearer, and goals become attainable.

About Us - One Site Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Story

We began our digital adventure experience when Bing first rolled out back in 2009. We started our digital career by resolving support issues for the Microsoft Ad Center and by serving as a supportive element to the engineers covering locations all over the world. During that time, we have also helped many new and aged websites to be positioned better on Google through a great rapport with many businesses and the support team at Google.

In our experience, we also discovered an opportunity to support businesses and developers through their campaign optimization and monetization. Ten years later, we have helped many organizations of all sizes, focusing on:

  • Managing millions of dollars in monthly advertising costs spent to support their financial goals
  • Optimizing hundreds of sites through the general site set up partnering with our SEO knowledge
  • Writing thousands of pages of content to increase interest in sites
  • Embracing continuous improvement
  • Partnered with Google and Microsoft

Our Accomplishments

We are proud to have the Google Ads Search Certification to help our clients’ websites to perform well.

Our Team

Our team members have a multitude of skills and backgrounds.  We leverage this diverse set of skills to increase our knowledge base.

One Site Marketing, Inc: President

From Gail Anderson, the President of One Site Marketing:

Welcome to One Site Marketing!  We decided to launch a service to help each website in a particular method;  every site is different and unique.  We focus on what matters for your individual site.  With our various backgrounds, my team and I are excited to help small or large companies improve their websites through specific, focused action.  We know that each site will need precise attention to help get it closer to the top!

As the One Site: Digital Marketing team, we look forward to bringing our fresh digital perspective and analysis to your organization.