Is Your Site Ready for Mobile Phones?

Google's Mobile Phone Site Ideas
Google’s Mobile Phone Site Ideas

Is your site built for mobile phones? Google says it should be! What do you need to add or update on your site?

Click here for a post with ideas straight from Google.

Our favorite ideas presented are:

  • “Don’t let promotions steal the show” – Pop ups can be really frustrating when you are checking out a site.  You don’t want to distract a visitor!
  • “Make site search visible” – People may be on your site to specifically find something or some information you have posted.  A visible search field can really help your visitor out quickly.
  • “Don’t make users pinch-to-zoom” – This can be frustrating for someone trying to read or view your site.  It also makes Google pretty upset, and you may drop down in their search rankings.
  • “Keep your user in a single browser window” – Too many links and offers can overcome someone viewing your site.  Be sure to let lookers know if you have any links posted they may be visiting another site that will open in a new window.

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