Is Your Site Mobile Ready?

You know from our past posts that Google is now focused on mobile phone access for all websites.  Did you know that you can easily test your site?  Google offers something new to find out whether or not your site loads quickly on a cell phone.

Google Test Your Mobile Website Speed and Performance

Google has launched this online spot to test out your site – Test Your Mobile Speed.

Once you enter your site, you will then receive three responses:

  1. Your site’s loading time, as well as the potential number of visitor’s leaving if waiting too long on their phones
  2. An industry comparison – seeing your speed versus other sites in the same field
  3. An offer for a free report via your email (in about an hour) to reduce your loading time with suggested fixes

Google Test Your Mobile Website Speed and Performance

Once you receive their report, you should have a few options to update your site and help it to load faster on all mobile phones.  Let us know if you find anything out that supports you and your site!


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