Worried About Potential Hacks?

Have you ever worried about someone hacking into your site?  This could be a true issue that we should all protect ourselves against.  The damage someone could do could truly take a site down and could even take a lot of time to get your site running again.  Google has posted a great article about ways to think about how your site is set up to ensure it is harder to hack and how you and your employees can overcome this possible issue: “Unlock your team’s creativity: running great hackathons“.

Worried About Potential Hacks?

The idea is to get your team to have a true office game to hack into your site.  Here are some of the Google’s thoughts to set up a hackathon:

  • Support from Managers – Review goals and expectations; also ensure workload is taken into consideration
  • Build Teams – Ensure people from different areas get to know each other, as well as experts being delivered to each team
  • Organization – Make a plan for the hackathon, as well as focusing on specific goals throughout the timeframe
  • Share the Hackathon’s Planned Goal – Send an email with ideas and get everyone to think about what they will be doing.

The best part of having a hackathon will be that your team should find ways to strengthen your site.  Besides the hacks, they may also find ideas to improve the site overall!!

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