Google Updates Visual Search

Google has been celebrating its 20th anniversary, as well as updating its service.  This week, they are focusing on their image search results and improvements.  When someone searches for “blackberry cobblers”, they only want to see photos of “blackberry cobblers”, not any photo that has “blackberry cobblers” typed into its subject.

Google Image Search Update

Google has shared some of the information about their updates on their blog post, “Making Visual Content More Useful in Search.”  They let us know how important images have become in people’s search queries.  For some folks, it is faster to find more information by simply looking at a photo, especially on a mobile device.  Google has already started to focus on a site’s photos – if they are located at the top or middle of a page AND concur with the content, they will be ranked higher.

Google also presents the three items on their agenda they will be focusing on to improve Search results in the next 20 years:

  1. A “shift from answers to journeys” – Their focus is to assist people to finish what they started to look for, as well as adding in any “features to Search that help you with ongoing information needs.”
  2. Shifting Google to provide you with information without you asking – Google will be able to share “relevant information related to your interests” once you are there.
  3. Moving from text to visual search results – Visual results can help people find their search results faster, so Google is working on retaining even better results. Visual equals photos plus video.

Google Image Search Updates

These Google blog posts have a lot of information for us to learn about and what they will be improving in the future.  For our own sites, we should consider what terms and words we use to describe our photos and videos, along with their location on our pages.  We want to ensure that the verbiage we use match the content of the picture, as well as the article or page on our sites. Let’s help Google find what people are searching for!

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