No Reviews On Your Site?

Review and testimonial posts on your site may seem challenging to get, but they can really help your site!  We just came across some great ideas to get responses from your clients and/or customers.  The article, “Attract New Business by Adding Testimonials to Your Website,” presents methods to get one for your site.

Client Feedback

While certain parts of this article are focused on using WordPress’s Jetpack, many of the ideas can be used with however your site is set up.  Most importantly, the section on “How to ask clients for testimonials” has some great suggestions.  Here are some of the takeaways:

  • Wait until you have completed the project before asking for a review
  • Create a form with certain questions to ensure your testimonial shares some great information about your accomplishments
  • Add photos to enhance the review – and be sure to ask the client for permission
  • Feel free to share reviews on social media
  • Do not forget the possibility of recording a video of a client presenting their feedback.  That could really help you stand out from your competition!

Feedback through reviews can truly support your business.  It also will help others to know that what you have to offer has pleased your clients.

Do you currrently have reviews on your site?  Have reviews helped you?  Let us know in the comments below!

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