Do People Know Your Brand?

When potential clients enter your website, they will hopefully learn about you and develop a trust of you and your product.  Some clients have been to your site before and may already know what you offer.  Unfortunately, they may know you, but they may not have purchased what you offer or even visited you again.

Google has a great idea about shifting your brand’s perception.  Their article, “Looking to shift brand perception? Take a personalized approach with 3 simple steps,” gives you some thoughts on what to focus on to improve your brand.  Let’s look into their thoughts!

Brand Perception

  1. “Understand how people really see your brand” – This section discusses the idea of conducting a survey to expose how people really see you from the outside.  Google comments on ensuring to use many different questions to see potential clients interests, as well as their current thoughts on your brand.
  2. “Align your brand with audience passion points” – Here, they unite what you find in your survey with your new brand, ad or video.  Google presents how you can use one video with multiple different words for different ads.  These video ads can be passed on to certain potential purchasers.
  3. “Break through with a timely, personalized message” – This section conveys the importance that any ads or media plans should be directed to the proper audience.  You want something to specifically appear in front of people that will understand and will be interested in learning more.

Overall, the brand focus that Google discusses is personalization.  When you promote and illustrate your brand, you want to be sure that you share the right offers and ideas to the right clients.  They focus on their video marketing in this post, but, overall, we here at One Site Marketing agree with brand issues that many companies face.  Google offers some great ideas to help build your brand and its site so that you are being discovered and visited by the proper people.

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