Google Search for Gifts

It’s that time of year!  Do you have a shop on your site?  If so, you should be quite busy now!  To get even more specific traffic to your website, your Google advertising search terms should be set up to match with what you sell and to whom will most likely purchase your items.

If you have planned to use advertising this season, be sure to think about what items you would like to sell and how you should present them in your ads.  Even better, think about what any potential customers will type into their search query to find what they would like to give.

From Google: Providing assistance for thoughtful shoppers

Google has a great post to help you think about what terms you could potentially try to get more gift-givers onto your site:

The hunt for the perfect gift: Thoughtful shoppers need your help.  They give you a list of the most increasingly popular search queries over the past two years.

One thing not to forget — much of Google’s stats come from consumers who use their cellphones to shop.  Don’t forget to make sure your website and its online shop are well viewed on any mobile phone.

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