Update: LinkedIn Business Pages

LinkedIn has updated the Business Pages on their site.  The original page simply shared your contact information, what your company contributes, and the company’s headcount.  With the new changes, it also allows you to add more details and share blog-style posts.

LinkedIn has updated the Business Pages

To set up the page, it is all free as a member on LinkedIn.  They also have many monetary options to assist you to receive more attention, like promoting posts for you or any job openings you offer.

For instance, here is the new look of One Site Marketing on LinkedIn:

One Site Marketing on LinkedIn

As you can see, the page is quite similar to a Facebook Page.  On LinkedIn, you will be able to focus on different clients.  For instance, if you owned a cake baking company, your Facebook posts would be focused on selling items to potential individuals, but on LinkedIn, you could focus on promoting products for any upcoming company events.

An additional support on LinkedIn is that when you post, you can also add any specific, trending hashtags to potentially get more visitors to your business page.  You will also be able to see analytics on LinkedIn to see how many visitors and more detailed visit quantity information about your audience.

And do not forget what can really help you on LinkedIn – potential great future business partners and employees!!  If you need help setting it up, LinkedIn has a great page with a lot of specific info about what you can do HERE.

Do you think that LinkedIn can help your company grow?  Let us know your thoughts below!


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