Black Friday and New Holiday Potentials

Black Friday was very popular this year, especially on the internet.  A CNBC article shares that online sales have increased by 18% this year, and customers have already spent about $110.6 billion.  Ironically, most of the increase has shown fewer people in stores.  Buyers are using their phones more frequently, especially for holiday purchases.  (Read more details at another CNBC article.)

Adobe - These holidays are the new black friday
Adobe – These Holidays are the New Black Friday

As a website owner and seller, have your sales increased this year?  Have you thought about what has worked for you this year?  And what you should integrate for next year?  Additionally, you should consider other holiday timeframes that are not just affiliated with all the December goings-on.  Adobe shares a great article, “These Holidays are the New Black (Friday).”  Their thoughts probe us to consider more holidays than Black Friday.  They discuss multiple other times that online sales have increased.  Specifically, in the United States, Labor Day online spending reached over $2 billion this year.

Depending on the items you sell, you may have openings in lots of other special days.

As you look into the new year, think about the items you sell and when you sell lots of them.  Do you have certain times when your sales increase?  You could have certain items that are popular during specific timeframes.  You may also have an opportunity to promote your sites during other holidays that could increase your sales.

Here are some things to consider to help you promote your site’s holidays:

  • Think of specific dates and times that are popular with your visitors and potential visitors
  • Channel your advertisements and the verbiage you use to promote your products on certain holidays
  • Ensure that your search terms are set up properly to enhance the answers to future clients searches
  • Double check that your website is easy to use and purchase items with a mobile phone

What holidays are important to your website?  What plans do you have to promote them?  Let us know below!  And feel free to contact us if you need help!

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