Cyber Monday Sales

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales already happened, overall, websites have seen an increase in sales over the previous year.  Bloomberg has a great article about the sales improvements throughout the shopping weekend:  All The Winners and Losers of Black Friday This Year.  Their article goes over wins and opportunities they viewed.  An interesting section of this article describes their findings of the large increase in online retail at this time of year.

From Bloomberg: Black Friday 2018: Amazon Had Biggest Day Ever

CNBC also has a detailed article about the increase of online spending this year: Cyber Monday sales break a record, with $7.9 billion spent online, Adobe Analytics says.

So, as a website owner with a store, were you ready this year?  Did your sales figures increase this year?  We certainly hope your answer is YES for these questions!

To think of planning for next year, you should start thinking of what you may need to change or update to improve your sales.

  • Product organization on the website, along with categories
  • Advertising
  • E-mail lists and communication
  • Update and check your search terms
  • Site update throughout the timeframe
    • Be sure that your site is viewable on mobile — those sales increased by 55.6% this year on Cyber Monday
  • How the customers pay
    • Paypal is obviously very popular, but it also takes larger percentage points off your sale than other options.  Download (by CNET) has a great article on some applications for your website: Best alternatives to PayPal to make payments in 2019.  A customer can be already involved with one of the applications you may choose.  With this option already present, this could help increase more sales to your visitors.

What else do you think you could do to improve your customers’ visits and your sales next year? A list can definitely help you when you begin your plans in the springtime!  Please feel free to share your thoughts below!

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