WordPress – BIG Change in 5.0 Version

Many companies and people use WordPress to create their websites.  With many, many different themes to select, one can truly create something unique with their site.  WordPress has just launched its newest version, 5.0, also called Bebo (previously known as their Project Gutenberg) with a big update.

2018-12-12-Introducing WordPress 5.0

We have been playing around with the Bebo version during their preparation.  (Feel free to check out a fun site where we experimented with Bebo by using their Gutenberg app: Foof The Cat.)  The biggest change is the new focus on blocks throughout your blog, which you can also use throughout your site.  It was great to see how WordPress have responded to feedback during the build time and have added many needs.

Watch their overall video for the broad scope of the change:


By using WordPress 5.0, you will have some great updates that should assist you with your site.  Here are some of our findings:

  • You will focus on building pages through blocks.  Even better, you can save blocks with the ability to use them on other pages thoughout your site.  Instead of focusing on a page at a time, you can think about a block at a time.
  • With the blocks, you will find that it is much easier to move them around on your page.  I’m sure you can remember trying to move a video to a different spot on a page, and it felt like a scramble to get it to work where you now want it.  The blocks are much more simple to move about on pages, so a video will not be very easy to move.
  • To assist you with your style, you can select different blocks that already have the behind the scenes ready for you.  For instance, if you would like to share some photos, you would select the Image or Gallery block.  Here are only about half of the block options that WordPress offers:

WordPress 5.0 Blocks

WordPress has also launched a new theme that is free for all called Twenty Nineteen, which is completely based on the 5.0 WordPress version.  It also is programmed to definitely work on all cellphones, a very important visual through Google and the number of people who view sites on their phone.

If you are really not liking the updates to WordPress and you miss the “old” version of making posts, they are offering an application called “Classic Editor.”  You can add this application and you will be able to go back to the original version of blogging.  However, this app will only function through 2021, giving you some time to prepare yourself for the new methods many already use.

Feel free to read more about 5.0 right on the WordPress blog.  Please give us your comments and thoughts below!

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