Google Knows Your Search History

Google has just announced that it has updated it’s cellphone app to include your previous findings. Their post, “Pick up where you left off on Search,” goes through the changes of this update.

As you can see in this photo, “Your related activity” comes up first when you search for the same or similar phrases as before:

from Google

Even better for all Google users, you can create collections (like folders) based on your preferred organization.

from Google

As a company or site manager, it is important to look at your setup for Google searches. Particularly, you should want your site to show up under searches with information and a photo. This can potentially help your site to get closer to the top of searches. More importantly, a photo from a search history can get people to see a certain query, and they will be reminded of your site.

Google shares lots of information to make your site work better through it’s photography. For photos on your site, a great spot to read is “Google Image best practices”. They give a lot of details on how to increase visits to your site.

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