Is Linktree Good or Bad?

Do you currently use Instagram to help promote your website and your finds? Many clients enjoy the improved viewers from Instagram. The thought is that Instagram could potentially help your site get more visitors.

You may have also noticed that Instagram can be a burden to add clickable links to your site on any posts. You also may have seen that others have a link on their profile page to a certain spot to find their posts. We have seen that many people use Linktree.

To the left, you can see the link added to the profile of a large celebrity. It makes it simpler for visitors to find links that you mentioned in a previous post. Seems like a great way to get pages to your viewer, correct?

But, to us the biggest anti-self-website moment is to take visitors to another site. Think about it – visitors will be taken to another site first. They then may click to go to your site or may just head back to Instagram.

While Linktree will easily produce a nice looking page filled with links that many visitors will click on. However, we believe it would be better to take you back to another page on your site with a listing of posts for people to visit. Why take them somewhere else first? It is much better to have people go directly to your website. They may see other topics and menus that they are interested in. Even worse, Linktree also uses cookies to obtain more information from you.

One last negative: if you sign up for the Pro version, you will be charged a minumum of $6 per month for their service.

Our opinion — just add a simple page to your site with lists and links from your Instagram posts. If you need help setting one up, feel free to reach out to us.

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