The New Year

Happy 2019 to all!  Aren’t you excited to start some new projects?  Or focus on some new websites?  A new year is a great way to focus on things you would like to accomplish.  But first stop is to do a quick review of your 2018 accomplishments and what to focus on to improve.

2018 - Review Your Business
2018 – Review Your Business

Think about it like you are already preparing yourself for a new annual performance review.  To make your 2019 even more successful, you should think deeply about the following:

  • Accomplishments:
    • Make a list of what you are proud of, your wins, and jobs that you worked hard to complete
    • Consider feedback from clients — most are very happy with the items you have finalized for them, so be proud!
  • Improvements:
    • Think about some tough times you had in the previous year.  What could you have done to help things to finish better?  How was the communication?
    • Feedback can help you to enhance the way others see you.  Do not be afraid to ask workmates what they think.
  • New Challenges:
    • Review what the company and you would like to focus on for 2019.
    • Ensure that you have already completed anything remaining from 2018.

If you need some inspiration to help you think more detailed, check out a page from Think with Google, including information to consider: “A year of Google insights.”  Their page shares many trends that Google discovered over the past year, as well as thoughts of what to watch for in the new year.

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