Got Some Tough Clients or Followers?

Have you had some clients that always share negativity? Do you update an Instagram account and always see some comments that get under your skin? These happenings plus many more are pretty normal, especially on the internet. Even more specific, social media posts can get many questions and/or negative comments.

The site TED has shared a supportive article to help you jump through these frustrating times. It is titled, “Smart ways to handle snark and trolls on social media.” The speaker and subject of this article is a television meteorologist, Emily Sutton, so you can imagine the negativity can shine.

To improve your responses to any negative comments, the article shares details on how you should reply with these ideas:

  • Do not worry, negativity can happen often. Just move on instead of using your time to respond to someone.
  • When you do respond, remain positive.
  • Share your knowledge in a nice manner when you have an incorrect posting.
  • Understand the other side; since we do not officially know the commentator, they can get online “bullying” from others, not just us.
  • Spread kindness online, even in a simple social media post.

Want to know some details? Listen to Ms. Sutton’s presentation:

The biggest take away — make sure you focus on the positive things that are happening daily. If you do make mistakes, stay simple and think about how your will respond next time. This way you can transform negativity into positivity!

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