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Have you been using your phone to search for something specific? And then one site that comes up and seems perfect for the information you need suddenly takes what feels like forever to open? Sure, it could be due to your connection with websites. But the reality is that it is the site itself. What do you do — patiently wait or just go to the next site on your search query?

Most potential customers will go back to the search and find a faster site. Google, who monitors sites for us, shares their findings in a recent post, “Milliseconds earn millions: Why mobile speed can slow or grow your business.” The article shares Google’s findings on how many websites improve their speed to improve their visits.

Main points to improve your mobile website are:

  • Optimize your Images – check to ensure you do not have large types of photos or images since they take a lot of memory and time for cellphones
  • Lazy Loading – Ensure only parts being viewed are uploaded where the visitor is viewing; the rest can upload once they move around your website
  • Content  Importance – make sure specific writing pieces are where they need to be; writing can take time to load
  • Use AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages are designed to give more information with less “stuff” for a mobile to upload

Here are the findings of customers from Google:

Google also has an interesting site called “Test My Site” that helps you to know exactly how long guests will take to load your pages. Once you enter your website address, you will sign up for a response via e-mail.

From Google’s “Test My Site”

They will give you a few ideas to help update your site to improve visitors load time. And feel free to contact us if you need help improving your website!

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  1. I have recently started a web site, so the info you provide on this web site has helped me greatly. Thanks for all of your time and work.

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