Google+ Shuts Down This Week

This week’s post is a reminder that since Google+ is shutting down for many users. Do not forget that Google allows you to obtain your current information through the 30th of March. Go to the Google+ Download Your Data page for details on how to get all the information that you would like. You should be able to select the items you would like to keep and not check any items you do not want.

Google+ to be closed by Google by March 30, 2019

Back on January 30th, Google shared some of the details of “Shutting down Google+ for consumer (personal) accounts on April 2, 2019” While this piece discusses that they are terminating all personal accounts, do not forget to check any of your company or business pages to see if you will still have your page.

If you currently use G Suite for your company, Google has decided to keep Google+ for you. An article in their G Suite portion, “New enterprise-grade features in Google+ help businesses drive collaboration,” reviews the additions to Google+ through G Suite. The main change for G Suite changes on Google+ are the following:

  • Google+ will have options for any group admins – Public, Private or Hybrid Modes
  • Tags (using #) are added to conversations to potentially help interactions
  • Some streams could unite the communication between executives and employees to increase conversations
From Google: How adding tags to conversation may help interaction

We hope the change goes easily for you and your partners. Reach out to us below if you need any assistance.

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