Marketer & Machines = Greatness

We recently came across a nice article posted on Think with Google. This piece, titled “Everything a marketer needs to know about machine learning,” goes over the items that could truly improve your marketing.

From the Google page

The first portion gives all readers a short quiz to see if you understand what the machine can do behind the scenes. Their idea is that many people do not really know how or why the machine or computer is set up originally.

Google then adds a list on how to improve your current tasks by first taking a step back. As they state:

Companies, including Google, are already doing the heavy lifting by integrating machine learning into existing and new marketing products, helping you gain deeper insights from your data without additional effort from your team. All you need to do is make sure your organization is set up to get the most value out of these products.

To prepare yourself, they share three topics:

  • Marketing goal is also for the machine – Ensure that the goal is set for a quantity that can be measured. You can then define and follow up on your goal.
  • Algorithm measures your data – Make sure you utilize two datasets. One for the origin and one to update.
  • Have a diverse team – Give prizes for recognition and tests to check how well you are doing

Once you are ready to go, these are the top ways to boost your marketing:

  • Find your audience
  • Use creativity to serve the right message
  • Optimize for the correct visitors
  • Measure how the client finds your website

You can read details of the above checklist on the Google website. The best take away for us is to see the employees working together for the same endpoint. The machine (or computer) along with people can create an even better, even more successful goal. As Google states:

Data-driven attribution uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the clicks across your Search ads. By comparing the click paths of consumers who purchased your product to those who didn’t, the data-driven attribution model identifies patterns among clicks leading to conversions and identifies the most valuable touchpoints across your consumer’s journey.

What have you done for your website to improve any advertising? Do you aim the ads differently that other methods to reach out to clients? Let us know below!

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