Google Search Releases Updated

Any new websites will be automatically crawled as a smartphone.

From Google: Using the URL Inspection Tool to check the mobile-first indexing status

This transition is to freshen all mobiles, specifically for new domains. Google, by default, will be scanning any new websites as a Googlebot smartphone. (Read details in Google’s post, “Mobile First Indexing by default for new domains“.) This means that any websites releasing a new website after July 1, 2019 will be scanned in this manner.

Google will continue to roll out Mobile First indexing in a more mobile friendly environment and ecosystem.. Google will communicate that it has approved it to mobiles. Google offers the URL Inspection Tool to assist you.

One important point from Google is that you should currently use a single URL for desktop and mobile websites. They have seen present many separate URLs for desktop and mobile with search engine and users seeing issues and confusion.

Google Search Updated How They Share Information

Google search is one of the popular all over. One of the main things is how it presents items during their search results. Their new update will show the “original” information, but it has changed site information to be shown at the top. (Read details on their article, “A new look for Google Search”.)

From Google: Left is the original, the right shows what they have changed

Overall, the sites are easily viewed on Google search. These changes are both focused on mobile changes first. It does not mention if this will change for computer searches as well.

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