What Really Helps Your Website?

Lots of different things that your client may see your business offerings. They may receive emails with information on new products. They may see your Instagram posts and love the photos. They even might follow your Facebook page and like your posts. While these are important parts of your website, the best is keeping your website up to date.

While this seems to not be very large, many of the visitors will not reach out to you or purchase anything, unless they get to your website. So, to get people there, here are some great methods to click to your site:

  • Set up a mailing list with a portion of something special or particular that you have added. For example, MailChimp has some great ideas to help you on their site, entitled “9 Landing Page Design Tips to Improve Conversion”
    • One important point in their story refers to starting to use different landing pages based on the email you have sent. This is a very specific method to get your clients to certain points on your website.
  • Add to your blog between once or twice a month
    • Blog post updates can be (partially) shared through an e-mail. More people will be interested and will go visit your site to read the rest.
  • Ensure that your SEO information is updated properly. You want people to come to visit your website when they are interested in specific topics.
  • Change or update certain pages of your site. Of course, if you are selling items, you should figure out seasonal or interesting updates for the site, as well as the presentation.

Let us know what you think below! Do you have many returning clients? Or is there something you focus on to improve your site? If not, reach out and let us know!

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