Can Instagram Help Your Website & Business?

Instagram was initiated as a space to share some beautiful photos you have taken. As time has progressed, many businesses use this as a space to share information about their business and their products through photos and links to their site. Instagram can also create a method to communicate with lots of followers. One great example? The World Record Egg.


It seems strange that an egg has bypassed all of the other favorite pages on Instagram. The egg currently has 10.1 million global followers. The New York Times interviewed the makers of this post, “Meet the Creator of the Egg That Broke Instagram“. The piece is interesting to read, specifically how they use its power to help support people and mental health globally. In this article, they do not share what their future plans with the egg are.

Even more important than the interview is to think about how you want to present your “community” through social websites like Instagram. Here are our learning points from the interview:

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Our 1st Birthday!

It is that week — we are now 1 year old!

One Site Marketing - One Year Anniversary

We were excited to start this company to help websites in many ways. So far, we have accomplished the following:

  • Initiate the design and strategy for multiple websites
  • Enhanced current websites based on the different hosting and design platforms
  • Commenced and finished personalized writing for clients
  • Launched new websites after completing design and writing
  • Continue to support sites and visitors through (bi-) weekly blog posts
  • Promote brands and websites through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Ensure that the site is moving up the search charts on Google and Bing
  • Utilize Google Ads set up specifically to encourage more visitors to a site
  • Share our findings through our own weekly blog

We hope you enjoy visiting our website. You are welcome to read details about accomplishments with just some of our clients. Please feel free to reach out when you are ready to improve your own site!

Got Some Tough Clients or Followers?

Have you had some clients that always share negativity? Do you update an Instagram account and always see some comments that get under your skin? These happenings plus many more are pretty normal, especially on the internet. Even more specific, social media posts can get many questions and/or negative comments.

The site TED has shared a supportive article to help you jump through these frustrating times. It is titled, “Smart ways to handle snark and trolls on social media.” The speaker and subject of this article is a television meteorologist, Emily Sutton, so you can imagine the negativity can shine.

To improve your responses to any negative comments, the article shares details on how you should reply with these ideas:

  • Do not worry, negativity can happen often. Just move on instead of using your time to respond to someone.
  • When you do respond, remain positive.
  • Share your knowledge in a nice manner when you have an incorrect posting.
  • Understand the other side; since we do not officially know the commentator, they can get online “bullying” from others, not just us.
  • Spread kindness online, even in a simple social media post.

Want to know some details? Listen to Ms. Sutton’s presentation:

The biggest take away — make sure you focus on the positive things that are happening daily. If you do make mistakes, stay simple and think about how your will respond next time. This way you can transform negativity into positivity!

Are Your Facebook Page Followers Real?

Facebook Pages are an excellent spot to have a small version of your website or business with multiple interactions. On Facebook, you can invite clients to follow your page and let them know about what you are up to. If you utilize the Facebook Advertising, you can also potentially get more followers.

Unfortunately, Facebook also has a large number of fake accounts. A recent article in the New York Times, “Does Facebook Really Know How Many Fake Accounts It Has?” goes into depth about this issue.

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Is Linktree Good or Bad?

Do you currently use Instagram to help promote your website and your finds? Many clients enjoy the improved viewers from Instagram. The thought is that Instagram could potentially help your site get more visitors.

You may have also noticed that Instagram can be a burden to add clickable links to your site on any posts. You also may have seen that others have a link on their profile page to a certain spot to find their posts. We have seen that many people use Linktree.

To the left, you can see the link added to the profile of a large celebrity. It makes it simpler for visitors to find links that you mentioned in a previous post. Seems like a great way to get pages to your viewer, correct?

But, to us the biggest anti-self-website moment is to take visitors to another site. Think about it – visitors will be taken to another site first. They then may click to go to your site or may just head back to Instagram.

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Google Knows Your Search History

Google has just announced that it has updated it’s cellphone app to include your previous findings. Their post, “Pick up where you left off on Search,” goes through the changes of this update.

As you can see in this photo, “Your related activity” comes up first when you search for the same or similar phrases as before:

from Google

Even better for all Google users, you can create collections (like folders) based on your preferred organization.

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The New Year

Happy 2019 to all!  Aren’t you excited to start some new projects?  Or focus on some new websites?  A new year is a great way to focus on things you would like to accomplish.  But first stop is to do a quick review of your 2018 accomplishments and what to focus on to improve.

2018 - Review Your Business
2018 – Review Your Business

Think about it like you are already preparing yourself for a new annual performance review.  To make your 2019 even more successful, you should think deeply about the following:

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