Google Search Releases Updated

Any new websites will be automatically crawled as a smartphone.

From Google: Using the URL Inspection Tool to check the mobile-first indexing status

This transition is to freshen all mobiles, specifically for new domains. Google, by default, will be scanning any new websites as a Googlebot smartphone. (Read details in Google’s post, “Mobile First Indexing by default for new domains“.) This means that any websites releasing a new website after July 1, 2019 will be scanned in this manner.

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Marketer & Machines = Greatness

We recently came across a nice article posted on Think with Google. This piece, titled “Everything a marketer needs to know about machine learning,” goes over the items that could truly improve your marketing.

From the Google page

The first portion gives all readers a short quiz to see if you understand what the machine can do behind the scenes. Their idea is that many people do not really know how or why the machine or computer is set up originally.

Google then adds a list on how to improve your current tasks by first taking a step back. As they state:

Companies, including Google, are already doing the heavy lifting by integrating machine learning into existing and new marketing products, helping you gain deeper insights from your data without additional effort from your team. All you need to do is make sure your organization is set up to get the most value out of these products.

To prepare yourself, they share three topics:

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Best Ideas for Your Website’s Survey Questions

Did you know that surveys can help you improve your website? It sure does! You can learn a lot about your clients. Based on the questions and type of survey you create, you should include specific ideas that you want and/or need to improve your site.

Question Mark - Can Surveys Help Your Website?
Can Surveys Help Your Website?

Here are some ideas that we have for you to add surveys to your website:

  • Add survey after a customer orders
  • Ask certain questions when they are signing up for an email list
  • Get feedback when you have or plan to update your website
  • Random surveys to find out why and when they came to visit
  • Find out what visitors come to see on your website
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What Really Helps Your Website?

Lots of different things that your client may see your business offerings. They may receive emails with information on new products. They may see your Instagram posts and love the photos. They even might follow your Facebook page and like your posts. While these are important parts of your website, the best is keeping your website up to date.

While this seems to not be very large, many of the visitors will not reach out to you or purchase anything, unless they get to your website. So, to get people there, here are some great methods to click to your site:

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Site Launch: Hidden Lake Home Owners Association

We are excited to present a new website we did for Hidden Lake Home Owners Association. The website had been present for quite a few years, but it was built in a different method that only kept each page stagnant. With the HOA, we decided to update the site with many things to add and/or subtract whenever you want.

Hidden Lake Home Owners Assoc - Palm Harbor, FL
Top portion of the front page
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