Crawling Google

Crawling Google
Crawling Google

As Google continues to implement shifts and adjustments to its core algorithm, one variable is consistently the same — “the crawler” — as mentioned in the SEO article from Search Engine Round Table. It seems that if anything impedes or slows Google’s overall crawl, this can lead to lower page performance. So the cleaner that your internal page structure is, the easier the crawler can move from the header to the body, then to the footer of your site.

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Google Search Snippet

Google Search Snippets

We found an interesting article on how Google is decreasing the size of search result snippets from sites that it shows potential customers. Is this good or bad? What are your thoughts?

Read more about the Google update HERE.

Naming Your Site

Before we build your future site for you, just choosing your domain name that is available can be a big pain! Check out this post from GoDaddy with some great tips to help you find the best name for your site.

Site Launch: Gallery Iwasa

We are very proud to help launch the Gallery Iwasa site of handmade Japanese pottery and assist with the Search Engine Optimization. Enjoy!

Gallery Iwasa – – Support with On-Site Shop Set Up & SEO help by One Site Marketing