Our Clients

We are proud to share the work we have done for many different companies & organizations.

Please view some of our clients below. Their sites have received our expertise through different support needs, such as building a site from scratch, assisting with updating a site or even simple SEO  evaluation & support!

Brain Health Doctor

Brain Health Doctor

A neurosurgeon reached out to us to create a site for him!  We started with designing and setting up the site in its entirety.  We wrote twenty pages on specific topics.  We also created a specific logo for the site.  We then focused on launching the site with SEO marketing.

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Hidden Lake Home Owners Association

Hidden Lake HOA Logo

The current site for the Hidden Lake looked dated, so they called us for an update!  We also focused on SEO through Facebook and setting up a mailing list.

Click here for Hidden Lake Home Owners Association details.

Foof the Cat

Foof the Cat Logo

This fun site needed to be updated.  The main blog was remodeled, and we added specific posts directly visible at the top of the homepage.  We also added links to a popular Instagram page.   
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Gallery Iwasa

Gallery Iwasa logo

The client had commenced working on their site with Squarespace.  We helped them target relevant keywords that have a high conversion rate and low acquisition cost.  We also tightened up all the loose technical ends and re-launched the site, along with SEO marketing.   
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Into the Skinny Fishing Charters

Into the Skinny Charter LogoOur team completely built this site from the ground up. Custom content, custom images, URL structure – all had to reflect Captain Jake’s actual business.  Careful targeting was also key, along with Google My Business and Google’s indexed photos. This equated to relevant traffic that converts.

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PHBC Marketing

PHBC Marketing LOGOA marketing company that focuses on lead generation, telephone systems and reporting. PHBC contacted us to help relaunch, modernize and retarget.

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