Website Content Development

How important is a site’s content?

web content development

Does adding content just mean adding more pages?

Content is the lifeblood of every website.  It would be smart to not only develop unique and compelling content but also to develop a content strategy. This is your opportunity as a publisher and a business owner to unveil your unique value-added proposition. Why waste it on poor quality content?

In the world of digital marketing, we know that content is king. Many companies that assist sites in driving more traffic may reuse old or someone else’s content.  Our team focuses on proper content delineation, keyword density, and overall content quality.

How can we make a site’s content unique?

One Site Marketing focuses on creating unique, owned, and well-written site content. This adds value to your digital asset and helps establish you as an authority within your industry. We do this by evaluating analytics focusing on site and search behavior. We look at :

  • Who reads, listens to or watches your content?
  • Why do they read, listen or watch?
  • What are the parameters of your topic?
  • How competitive is your content, and how do you measure up?
  • What is your unique value-added proposition?

Please contact us for a free contextual audit. We not only uncover duplicate content oftentimes; we will tell you where it originated from.  Non-unique, low quality, scraped content should not represent your business or organization.

What would our evaluation of a site’s current content reveal?

We ask: do you use your current content to get your qualified prospects or potential customers to find you? And how do we determine that? It is easy to get focused on what terms you use to focus on your ranking versus updating your terms to increase your ranking. Based on customer and searcher behavior, this is where your content can really become a driving force for your business.

What actions do we take after an evaluation?

Our main actions are the following:

  • Rebuild your content on-page – This would be considered a complete content page overhaul.
  • Contextual upgrade with proper delineation by a common theme – Your content might be unique and of good quality,  however, it may not be structured correctly. This might be lowering your overall page quality even though it might be relevant on a macro basis.
  • Repurpose effective unique content with new content injection – A page’s content might be of high quality, relevant, and delineated correctly. We can use this content and build on it, thus preserving what quality you already had in place.
  • Keyword density with common theme measurement – After building and publishing your new higher-quality content, we measure it through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We do this to make sure the focus is correct and the digital signals are all in alignment.

Content and content development should be priority one when developing a new site or revamping an established site. The apex aspect of strategic content development is to always evaluate what happened along the path. The most valuable lessons are often found in the things that didn’t work, so treat it all as a learning experience that keeps your content consistently fresh and worth having a conversation about.

How do we begin our content evaluation? Contact us here.