Local Business Support

How do we help a local business?

We Support Local Business

Whether you have a large or small business, we use our knowledge to promote you in your region.  We created our Local Business Support Pack to help support strengthening nearby companies.

What does our Local Business Support Pack include?

Since we have worked with large companies as well as smaller companies, we have learned to focus on certain promotions to improve your business through online visits.

Google Maps PromotionOur Local Business Support Pack includes the following focuses:

  • Your business is shown on website search responding to potential client queries
  • Information and reviews through online searches (for example, Google and Google Maps)
  • Weekly or Monthly posts of products or photographs
  • Any necessary updates completed for you
  • Option to include Social Media support

How do we know what to share about a business?

To make sure we are sharing the proper information, we will ask you questions.  Once our conversation is completed, we will do some background research to see what current findings are produced.  Then, we will know what will work even better for your company’s promotion.

What type of businesses do we support?

We can help any type of businesses.  You are a busy owner, so we are here to support you behind the scenes and promote your specialty.  Here are just some examples of local business types:

  • Restaurants or Coffee Shops
  • Stores or Shops (Physical and/or E-commerce)Restaurant Promotion
  • Law Firms or Attorneys
  • Doctors or Fitness Providers
  • Home Assistance or Updates (Construction, Electronics, Plumbing)
  • Industrial Services
  • Organizations
  • Real Estate

What if your company does not currently have a website?

Even if you do not currently have a website, we can help!  We know that not every business has a website, and they may not need it.  We can assist you to get more business through the Support Pack detailed above.  If you would like to launch or update a site, please read more details of what we can accomplish for you on our Site Design Innovation page.

Contact us!  We would love to promote your business, even without a website.