Paid Search Advertising – Pay Per Click (PPC)

What is the Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising?

paid search advertising ppc

How does PPC work? And how can it help a business?

Pay Per Click (you’ll see it listed as PPC) is inherently paid search advertising – what you see in the search result pages when you enter a phrase or a subject on many search sites.  PPC is a relevant and efficient way to generate new customers.

The mechanics are straightforward: ad copy is displayed when the searcher types in a query and relevant ads populate. PPC actually helps searchers find what they are looking for, so relevancy and efficiency are key factors. This also determines ad positioning.

Mainline or header ads are located above the organic search results and ads are also in the bottom of the search results, known as the footer section. Recently, Google has allowed ads to display within the map section of the results page. This is a great way to increase local traffic.

Can PPC benefit a business?

Pay Per Click (PPC) has many benefits over other advertising channels. The ability to control your campaign exposure provides you safeguards that other traditional advertising mediums simply do not have. It includes the simple control of pausing, resuming, and the ability to target on a macro or micro basis.

PPC can result in higher quality inquiries and prospects while shortening the buying cycle.  It can also reduce the cost per lead (CPL) and increase campaign return on investment (ROI). This can be achieved by improving landing pages, user experience, embracing Googles development best practices, and proper data attribution for reporting.

How will our PPC audit support a site?

paid advertising strategy development
We start our Strategic Development program with a PPC performance audit. If you do not have a current campaign, we can develop a comprehensive paid search strategic plan with real-time integrated reporting. Typically, our deep dive PPC audits uncover inefficiency, waste, and missed opportunities. If you have attempted to run a PPC campaign with a lackluster performance, our research can turn the campaign from a nightmare into a positive experience.

What is our experience in PPC?

Paid search should be a quick way to drive prospects, to find new customers, and to help cross-sell to current customers. One Site Marketing strategies focus on driving quality PPC traffic that has a high propensity to convert to a customer along with a laser focus on a campaign’s Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Aquisition (CPA).

Our PPC specialists are Google certified and have over 10 years managing international & domestic paid search campaigns.

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