Digital Marketing Reporting & Platforms

Digital Reporting & Platforms

Why are digital reporting platforms so important? How accurate do they need to be? 

If you ever asked yourself this, you are not alone. We have also heard the following: “What is my marketing company sending me?” Sometimes in an effort to be transparent, account managers and marketing firms can be too granular and specific.

What reports do we share with our clients?

Simplicity and transparency are what we deliver. Our reporting platforms are simple to set up, easy to read, and easy to change. They are accurate as they were tested alongside Google analytics.  We can have all of your marketing channels rolled into one report with historical measures and benchmarks. This simplifies the analysis and allows for additional ongoing campaign optimizations in real actionable time. Our digital marketing reports are easy to understand. We go over what all of the metrics mean, and we translate that to what it can and what it is that doing for your business. We can even monitor individual departments and multiple websites. We are also open to anything else you request, like tracking the number of new signups, app downloads, subscriptions, and other related KPIs in real-time.

Marketing Reporting Platform

What else do our reports reveal?

Our reporting platform can integrate with just about any application programmable interfaces (APIs). This means you can see call data, paid search data, social interaction data, organic search data, and newspaper lead data – all in one report. You can then schedule daily, weekly or monthly reoccurring auto-delivered client reports. This eliminates several reports being sent in multiple formats, thus making analysis and areas of opportunity more identifiable.

In addition to your current campaigns and reporting, our AI integrated call reporting system shortens QA analysis and provides a shortened delivery path with its time to your sales team.

How do the platforms and their reporting help our clients?

With both systems in place, we want to be sure that our clients can now actively manage their marketing campaigns. Calculations of cost per lead and cost per acquisition can be made and reported on a daily basis. Opportunity, threats, and changes can be identified quicker and solutions deployed faster. This allows our clients to be more agile and responsive to the digital landscape. Oh – and the reports are pretty cool looking!

Digital Marketing Reporting Platform

For a sample report, a demo of our calling platform or for pricing, please feel free to contact us.