Website Design Innovation

How do we design a website?

Site Updates and Designs

With our knowledge and experience, One Site Marketing is here to innovate your site’s design.  We want to ensure your guests get the best user experience that translates to dollars in revenue.  We are here to help you improve your site’s performance by having the right set-up and delivering the correct traffic to your pages.

With our experience, we have built assets from the ground up, improved current live sites and have built thousands of geotargeted landing pages. 

What options do we offer for designing websites?

We want to make sure your site is designed in a method to present your knowledge. Even better, we want your website to enforce how you want your traffic to see your company.


We have several site design options that we offer to our clients.

  • Build: Design your site using customized coding and templates
  • Pages Updated: Making sure your pages are at the highest standards and are ahead of the industry curve.
  • All Device Access: Ensure your site is visible and functions on all devices – computers, tablets, and cellphones
  • Geotargeting: Rightsizing your traffic ensuring it has a high degree of relevancy

Why would you want us versus our competition?

Our focus is ensuring that your site stands out and looks different than others.  We select certain colors and layouts that will work best for your business and your preferences.  With our experience, we can ensure that sites are built thoroughly and also built to support future options.  When building or updating a site, we make sure the background portions of a site is set up properly to support it.  While setting up a site, we adhere to a certain set of standards, in line with Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search Advertising – since many designs can affect the presence of these campaigns.

We can discuss what would work the best for your website and what could improve your visits.

Contact us so we can start working on what will make your site better!