Update: LinkedIn Business Pages

LinkedIn has updated the Business Pages on their site.  The original page simply shared your contact information, what your company contributes, and the company’s headcount.  With the new changes, it also allows you to add more details and share blog-style posts.

LinkedIn has updated the Business Pages

To set up the page, it is all free as a member on LinkedIn.  They also have many monetary options to assist you to receive more attention, like promoting posts for you or any job openings you offer.

For instance, here is the new look of One Site Marketing on LinkedIn:

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Bing Image Search Improvements

Bing Image Search Updates

Bing has recently posted an article referring to a big update in their image search queries in their blog article, “Internet-Scale Deep Learning for Bing Image Search.” As you can see above, Bing knows that people can be searching for the same identical image, but the searchers may be using different phrases.  Their blog post goes through the details of what their search engine will do to get the same image with all these different search terms.  They are on their way to improve search results!

Crawling Google

Crawling Google
Crawling Google

As Google continues to implement shifts and adjustments to its core algorithm, one variable is consistently the same — “the crawler” — as mentioned in the SEO article from Search Engine Round Table. It seems that if anything impedes or slows Google’s overall crawl, this can lead to lower page performance. So the cleaner that your internal page structure is, the easier the crawler can move from the header to the body, then to the footer of your site.

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Google Search Snippet

Google Search Snippets

We found an interesting article on how Google is decreasing the size of search result snippets from sites that it shows potential customers. Is this good or bad? What are your thoughts?

Read more about the Google update HERE.