Is YouTube Important for Your Site?

YouTube is really the second form of Google.  Many people search for answers there.  Even more amazing is knowing that now over one billion people with the internet use YouTube – that is about one-third of all people on the net!!

Google and YouTube recently released an article about just how many people watch TV and YouTube — it’s the FOMO vibe! (FOMO means the Fear Of Missing Out.)

Think with Google about YouTube

Yes, their article is focused on clients using YouTube to watch TV.  Their point is that many people will watch videos related to programs they missed and want to catch up on.  But the big picture here is that YouTube can help you gain engagement with your visitors.  Think about it – if someone is searching for “X” and your video comes up.  When they watch it and learn something, they are likely to visit your site to learn even more!

Even better, if your YouTube channel gets many visits and your videos are watched frequently, you can potentially make more income from YouTube.

Do you currently have a YouTube account?  Do you get more visits to your site from YouTube? Let us know your successes or your challenges below.

Worried About Potential Hacks?

Have you ever worried about someone hacking into your site?  This could be a true issue that we should all protect ourselves against.  The damage someone could do could truly take a site down and could even take a lot of time to get your site running again.  Google has posted a great article about ways to think about how your site is set up to ensure it is harder to hack and how you and your employees can overcome this possible issue: “Unlock your team’s creativity: running great hackathons“.

Worried About Potential Hacks?

The idea is to get your team to have a true office game to hack into your site.  Here are some of the Google’s thoughts to set up a hackathon:

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Is Your Site Mobile Ready?

You know from our past posts that Google is now focused on mobile phone access for all websites.  Did you know that you can easily test your site?  Google offers something new to find out whether or not your site loads quickly on a cell phone.

Google Test Your Mobile Website Speed and Performance

Google has launched this online spot to test out your site – Test Your Mobile Speed.

Once you enter your site, you will then receive three responses:

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Google Image URL Update

You may know (from us?) that Google Images can also bring a lot of attention to your website.  Google has just announced that it is updating how their Image searches will tell all of us “the last page the user was on and clicked to visit the destination webpage.”  This will help us to see how searchers get onto our sites.  If you use their Search Console, you should not see any changes, and you will still see the top queries that people are using to get to your site.

Read more details on Google’s Webmaster Central blog.

Google Flashback

TED always shares lots of interesting talks on its site. Recently, we found a video of a presentation by two very important Googlers – co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.  This took place back in 2004, but it is still quite interesting to hear how the co-founders share their findings in “The Genesis of Google”.

Watch the video here:


Google’s Firebase Predictions

Google Firebase Predictions

Google has again presented how their different research really compliments each other.  Their Google Analytics can and will assist all site and game builders.  Currently, Google has set up a new way to assist game developers and how they should include ads on their apps. This presentation will help apps get the proper ads for their games.  They have a new site that shares info to developers. Learn more at the Google Firebase Blog.